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TRM-system is a trustable innovative expert for your embedded system. With more than 10 years GNSS location base technology experience, we build the algorithm to detect fixed speed limit camera.

Our engineers have variety of ARM based MCU developing experience, we provide full customized service. We have involved with plenty of IOT (internet of things) projects experience for tracker and connected device.

Welcome to consult with us for your new embedded system project!

Creative Team

TRM-Systems is a company founded by a group of experienced engineers.


We have more than 15 years experience for consumer and vehicle electronics hardware ODM service.

Great Solution

Our company owns the solution for speed limit camera detector which dominate Taiwan No.1 market share.

Looking for design partner?

Bring your idea, and we turn it into value.

Our Services

Core Technology

With over 15 years industrial experience, TRM-System owns the professional skill and knowledge to supply the best embedded system.

Product List

HUD (Head up display)

High brightness, smart phone APP and BT synchronization, navigation direction notification, video-in (wireless or CVBS), speed limit camera detection, OBDII message.

Speed limit camera detector

Taking advantage of GSCAM algorithm, TRM supplied several kinds of different speed limit camera detector.

Integration DVR system

FullHD DVR, rear mirror type display, rear view camera integration system. CANBUS communication support.

GNSS module

Solutions include: SiRFStarV 5e B01, SiRFStarV 5e B02, UBlox U7, GOKE GK9501


Super tiny GNSS data logger for avian and terrestrial animal.

Looking for design partner?

Bring your idea, and we turn it into value.

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Looking for innovative R&D resource?? Need design support from concept to product? You need to work with a right team.

TRM-system brings you the Embedded system design service from sketch to finished product.

DFM verification (design for manufacture).

Documents and production files includes software and hardware spec. BOM, Schematic, GERBER, PCB penalization, reflow temperature profile, test plan and package design.

Software includes testing software, product firmware, algorithm, iOS/Android APP and user interface.

We are able to build customized APP. It supports synchronization between device and smart phone, firmware upload over the air, device set up remote control.

We source and procure material from worldwide supplier. Not only technology wise, but cost orientation is our mission and destiny!


A more efficient RF broadcasting way

How we solve the problem by new technology?

15 years ago, our customer was using the big and heavy RF broadcasting equipment to send the signal of the position of speed limit camera. Once the driver who equip some special device on their car, they can receive such kind of signal and get the warning in advance and to avoid the danger and over speed ticket.

As time goes by, the maintain cost and labor resource became a burden. Thousands of equipment location needs to be checked for battery, operation status, RF signal strength and whether it is still exist. Sometimes, the equipment was even to be considered as explosive item and removed by police.

Thanks to the GPS technology, we build the algorithm to simplify the process for the driver to receive the warning. It simply compares difference and direction between the car real location and camera location.

Now, they no longer need to send people and deploy the special broadcasting equipment everywhere. They only need to verify the location of camera and edit it onto the server in front of the PC.

To run a fair racing game

Our solution is successfully to be adopted

Customers, as the host of animal racing, especially for the pigeon, were tired of avoiding the very super way their customer tried to use to shorten the racing time and win the game. They came to us and wish to verify the game rank by using GPS track record.

It’s more than 10 years ago, GPS was announced as a public tool and allows any user to receive the signal from satellite. Someone log the GPS track and synchronize the time of the track and photo, so they made the travel diary with “track”!!

We design a very tiny GPS module which has less than 5 grams weight. Without decreasing the speed of animal, with no harm and no uncomfortable, the tiny record the track and game fairly.

The hardware is not the only thing, we also supplied the software for device management, which control the power on/off time and charging.

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